Thursday, September 22, 2011

So long sweet, crazy summer

So, today is the last day of Summer...tomorrow it is officially Fall. Thinking back on our crazy, insane summer, I realize A) What a bad blogger I am & B)Just how much our lives have changed!
I will very quickly update everyone on what we have been up to since my last post....

Landry Bishop White was born May 19th @ 8:47 (I believe was the EXACT time) he was a very healthy 7lbs 7ounces. As of now all the "heart issues" have resolved themselves, we were cleared by the cardiologist unless the pediatrician feels there is a need for another check up.

Michael got a new job in Illinois...he is the assistant manager at a course in Tinley Park. Unfortunately he had to move up here in April and leave Elliott and I (8 months pregnant) back in Texas. He came up the day before Landry was born and left a week later. We joined him 7 weeks later ( after a ridiculous 2 day, 17 hour drive in a packed car with a yorkie-poo, 7 week old baby and my sister)...needless to say NEVER again will I do that...I will fly (which is how Elliott got up here, with my mom).

We are living about 15 minutes east of Mike's course. The great thing about the whole situation is, we live at one of the course's, in a 3 bedroom house/apartment type place (I don't really now how else to describe it) free and we don't pay electricity or water. Which is great because that makes up for a mediocre salary. The only bad thing about it, is it was probably built in the 70's and it's not exactly an area I would choose to live (a little bit on the sketchy side)...but what can you do?

Mike is enjoying his job for the most part...he works 6 days a week (7 on a bad week)..he's usually gone before we get up and depending on the day (a rare day) he's home before 6 but usually it can be anywhere between 7 and 9 o'clock. Needless to say, we don't see him much, which has been a hard adjustment moving somewhere where you don't know people or your way around. At least I have the babies because I would be BORED...and trust me, they keep be beyond busy!
So now after all of that craziness we may be moving yet again...the final decision will be made Monday. I'm kind of bummed because I feel like I am just starting to get "settled" and meet people. But, you do what you have to do!

The boys are doing good and have adjusted well....I am staying home and taking care of them for now. Which can be crazy with a 2 year old and 4 month old. Trying to get out and meet people...which I HATE because I am probably one of the most dependent people ever (whether it be on friends, family, or my hubby...I hate doing things on my own).

So, there is the past few months of our life in a nutshell....for those who stuck around, I promise the next post will be less boring!!

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